Wartune Building of Transport

Wartune Transport is the building to remove town.
To transport town need to spend Transport Energy. Each Wartune Transport need to spend 200 energies.
Transport Energy will be fully restored daily at 5 A.M.
Your town can be transported to anywhere at any time. Each move costs a certain amount of Wartune Energy.

Wartune Building of Town Hall

Wartune Town Hall is a symbolic building in the city.
Town Hall’s level will influence the output of the gold and the gold from alchemy.
Town Hall’s level will influence the level limit of the other building.
Through Wartune Town Hall, you can manage the Wild resources you have occupied.

Wartune Building of Cottage

Wartune Cottage is used to increase the people limit.
To upgrade Cottage can increase the people limit.

Wartune Building of Gold Refinery

Wartune Gold Refinery is used to increase the output of the gold. It can increase the output of the gold per hour.
The level of Wartune Gold Refinery can influence the output of the gold, number of levy and the gold from Alchemy.
With a higher level, it’s clear that you can acquire more gold.

Wartune Building of Barracks

Wartune Barracks is used for conscription and upgrading soldiers.
To upgrade Wartune Barracks can recruit stronger army.
The level of the Barracks will influence the limit of army’ level.
Click【Barracks】,the building is shown below. When【Barracks】 reaches a certain level, you can recruit the corresponding army.
The armies you can recruit from the Barracks:
Lancer: With sharp iron spear in hand, Lancer is a regular soldier who always assault in the forefront of the battle. Barracks must to be level 1.
Archer: to use Iron Bow to long distance attack, Archer has excellent ability of attack. Barracks must to be level 4.
Priest: Priest is the operator of element. His ability of attack and magic defense is excellent. Barracks must to be level 20.
Paladin: He is a soldier who is good at wrestle. His ability of attack and material defense is excellent. Barracks must to be level 20.
Gryphon: the attack speed of trained Gryphon is very fast and it has strong power of defense. Barracks must to be level 30.
Knight: with steely helmet and valiant war horse, his battle power is very strong,Wartune Barracks must to be level 40.

Wartune Guide of Basic Operation

Wartune Players’ move and selecting goals are controlled by left mouse button.

In battle, you can use skill by clicking skill shortcut key(Number key 1 to 5) And QTE button(W,S,A,D)/ (↑、↓、←、→)to increase skill effect.


Wartune Wartune Origins

Legend tells of a magic artifact called the Wartune God’s Harp.
The God’s Harp is an artifact that was used to create the universe and even the lesser gods by the Wartune High Goddess herself; the power of it is beyond imagination. Where it originally came from, no one knows. In the distant past, when the gods walked among the earth, the Seraphic Wars, wars among the gods of light and dark, broke out over control of the powerful instrument. Eventually, the High Goddess poured out all her power and split the harp into many pieces before she sank into deep sleep.
Although the universe seemed safe and sound after the end of the Seraphic Wars, no one suspected that somewhere beyond the gods’ perception, a horrible dark space, the Void, was growing.
Countless kinds of evil are growing rapidly in the Void, and casting their greedy eyes on the bright and glorious world of mankind. But their disordered nature made them unable to organize into an army, until one day, someone stood up and became their leader. Diablo, God of the Wartune Underworld, and Saliora, Goddess of the Sun, had two children, Yaros and Ibalize. Yaros rebelled against his parents and emerged as the King of Destruction. There is a description of Yaros in an old epic poem:
“Even Death fears his horror.
Eternal fires of hell burns on his crimson skin;
wings of abyss extend on the back of his giant body.
Where ever he goes,
even the air shall burn.”
Right after Yaros entered the chaotic abyss, he launched devastating attacks toward the humans and dominated earth immediately. Eventually, he corrupted his brother, Ibalize, the God of Night, and Ibalize lead Yaros’ troops into battle. Ibalize was a great military leader and became his brother’s greatest general. Yaros, Ibalize, and their abysmal troops instantly brought destruction and disaster to the earth.
The smoke of war enveloped the whole world. The three continents, Gaia, Anapix, and Aegon, were all burning with the fires of war. Countless beautiful and fertile plains and forests turned into barren deserts and swamps.
The human warriors tried their best to resist, however, in front of Yaros’ overwhelming power, but they only fell into despair. Fortunately, the humans still had a great hero — a sacred sword master Aklorn.
Aklorn, the strongest man of the Wartune Yaloran Empire, the only human civilization organized into a united force, decided to remove the main source of this war, the military commander Ibalize. To this end, the Yaloran High Priest endowed one of the God’s Harp shards to Aklorn, along with all hope of humankind’s survival.
Aklorn knew he would never return. No one knows exactly what happened during the battle between the sacred sword master and Ibalize, both of them just vanished in the end. The humans lost their great hero, but Yaros lost his greatest ally and general and the abysmal troops once again fell into chaos, not able to launch any single powerful attacks again.
After all the years of fighting evil, the humans are fatigued to the extreme; the beast races, though chaotic with no central leader, still rampage the land, seizing their chance and taking over the humans territories, one by one. In these turbulent days, people are longing for peace, they are looking for a savior, and a new Wartune chapter is waiting to be opened…

WarTune Arena Building

Wartune  Arena is the place to show lord’s power and the battlefield of duel.
Arena’s mode is divided into Challenge and Arena.
There are various kinds of special equip and items in Arena Shop. You can buy them with Medallion which is acquired by multi-player Arena.
Through challenge and arena, you can acquire extra rewards.
This is the entrance of joining solo duel and party arena. You can find the matched rival to duel here. For honor, to become the stronger, fighting!
Challenge (solo); all the lords have the limit to duel in the solo field. Except the different kinds of abundant gift, lords can pursuit his rank in heroes name list.
WarTune  Arena (party): every day party Arena will open in set time. The lords, who take part in the arena, not only can experience various kinds of fierce compete, but also acquire abundant gift.
Medallion: Medallion is the gift of multi-player arena. If you save enough Medallions, you can exchange high quality items and rare items in Arena Shop.

For more info on Wartune, please visit official Site  http://wartune.r2games.com/

Wartune Building Crypt

In Wartune, there are 100 floors in Crypt. You have one chance to free challenges every day. The second time you want to enter, you need to spend Crypt key.
After each challenge you will be rewarded with loads of EXP, gems, Wartune Crypt key, other valuable items and rare composite formula.
If your level reaches 23, the entrance of Crypt will open. After you enter into the Crypt, there are monsters in every floor. Every five floors will appear varying number of treasure box randomly. After you defeat the monsters, you can enter into next level.
Crypt Tokens
“Tokens” is the currency of  Wartune Crypt shop in game. After you enter into Crypt, every five floor will appear a gold treasure box. You can acquire varying number of Crypt Tokens, gems and rare items. These Tokens are used for exchanging various kinds of rare items and equip suit. Only you complete the challenge of the Crypt, you can acquire Tokens.

WarTune Arena-Solo System

WarTune Solo
Arena challenge has no impact in damaging blood, army and battle condition. It only can influence your rank in duel field.
According to the rank in duel field, every time you can select 4 players as your rival.
After successful challenge, if your rank is lower than your rival, your rank will exchange. Even though you fail to challenge, but if your rank is higher than your rival, the rank will not change.
You can choose your reward by turning over a card after every victory.
There are 20 chances for you to challenge every day with 10minutes between each challenge. It is available to accelerate cool down.
If the player had continuously won certain battles, we will give an announcement to Wartune whole server.