WarTune Arena Building

Wartune  Arena is the place to show lord’s power and the battlefield of duel.
Arena’s mode is divided into Challenge and Arena.
There are various kinds of special equip and items in Arena Shop. You can buy them with Medallion which is acquired by multi-player Arena.
Through challenge and arena, you can acquire extra rewards.
This is the entrance of joining solo duel and party arena. You can find the matched rival to duel here. For honor, to become the stronger, fighting!
Challenge (solo); all the lords have the limit to duel in the solo field. Except the different kinds of abundant gift, lords can pursuit his rank in heroes name list.
WarTune  Arena (party): every day party Arena will open in set time. The lords, who take part in the arena, not only can experience various kinds of fierce compete, but also acquire abundant gift.
Medallion: Medallion is the gift of multi-player arena. If you save enough Medallions, you can exchange high quality items and rare items in Arena Shop.

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