Wartune Tormented Necropolis intro

Wartune Plyer enter into Forgotten Catacombs, can see three were “Tormented Necropolis” label.

Through the Forgotten Catacombs 100 layer of the players can challenge the Tormented Necropolis. If did not reach the required. Click will hints “Need through the Forgotten Catacombs 100 layer”

The Tormented Necropolis has a separate rankings、Top record、Drop preview Wartune

“The gain items” can view this challenge obtain the reward. Wartune

Player can quit it when in Tormented Necropolis, once again into will continue to before the layer. Don’t consume into the number or Crypt Key. Wartune

Players can challenge Tormented Necropolis one time each day, the challenges need to consume three Crypt Key.

When players defeat monster in 10/20/30 layer. Will be announced in the servers. For example: some players through the Tormented Necropolis 10 layer.  Server announcement: congratulations to the players through the Tormented Necropolis of 10 layer. Wartune

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