Wartune VIP System

The brand new Wartune VIP system has been released on wartune. Now players could purchase the VIP card and used it to make VIP function available. This can bring players unprecedented in-game experience with the special VIP-only benefits which can totally distinguish VIP players from other players

Wartune  Operation Interface

Click on the inventory or your hero’s avatar, then you can become a Wartune  VIP player by clicking the VIP icon located in the equipment interface. You also buy your friends VIP here.

Click the button to check the VIP-only Benefits.

The VIP development system currently has 9 levels. Each month of VIP lasts 31 days.

Once you activate Wartune  VIP, a VIP icon will be displayed and you will receive 10 VIP points per day.

Once your VIP expires, the VIP icon, along with your VIP benefits will disappear. Also, your 5 VIP growth points will be deducted each day. Your VIP level will decrease once Wartune  VIP growth points equals 0.

Sign-up for 3 or more months of VIP and become a Golden VIP member. Golden VIPs receive 15 growth points per day.

Receive  VIP growth point for every 100 Balens spent. (Excludes Auction House, Includes spending prior to VIP activation.

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